Dye sublimation printing, ideal for small quantities!


Vibrant colours, high-quality print, permanent results, eco-friendly…the printing process of dye sublimation offers all these benefits, so it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming one of the most popular ways to print onto a variety of products and materials. It’s also a simple and cost-effective print process for small production runs, which means you can achieve excellent results where high-quality, multiple-colour results are required, even on a one-off item.

So how does it work? Here’s the science bit: sublimation uses heat-sensitive dyes, converting them directly from their solid state to gaseous state, without ever becoming liquid, to transfer the dye onto the substrate. The best results are achieved by using an industrial heat press, as this gives a consistent heat and the correct pressure. When exposed to the heat of the press, the fibres of the substrate open up, allowing the dye to permanently penetrate. The image is fixed, and the results are brilliant and long lasting.
Widely used in the design industry on a commercial scale, it’s good to know that this process is available to everyone who wants to create stunning print results on a small scale, too.Bags

4 thoughts on “Dye sublimation printing, ideal for small quantities!

  1. Avant Garde’s dye sublimation service is excellent. It means you can customise a gift for just a few favoured clients, an individual special client or even for a personal gift (such as a coaster featuring a photo you have taken), making something completely unique.


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